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Wee Gurkha

Wee Gurkha

About Us

It’s with love, from Nepal!

A very warm welcome from all at the Wee Gurkha Curry House in East Kilbride!

Welcome to Wee Gurkha Curry House! We bring to you the most authentic Nepalese, Indian and Tibetan delicacies right here in Glasgow and Clyde Valley! It’s home away from home!

If you are craving for the taste of homemade food, Wee Gurkha Curry House is here to quench your craving and if you are new to the cuisine of the subcontinent, here we are to take you to a completely new galore of the authentic and extravagant food culture of India, Nepal and Tibet!

If you are looking for an Indian restaurant in Glasgow or a Nepalese restaurant in Glasgow, we welcome you to our rich culture. With roots back to Nepal, the restaurant is run by ex-Gurkha’s family and the food served here represents the traditional family fare served in homes across Nepal. Our highly qualified and professional chefs have earned accolades and are experts in Indian, Nepalese and Tibetan cuisine.

Juxtaposed to the food is the sylvan interior of the restaurant. We at Wee Gurkha Curry House want to give you a feel of “home away from home” and hence, the interior of this Nepalese restaurant in Glasgow is made in a way that it would take you to a virtual trip to Nepal. The melancholic music from the hills would mesmerise you!

The staple food of Nepal is Dal Bhat and Momos. The food is largely influenced by Indian, Tibetan and Thai cuisines and consists of Pahari, Tibetan, Newa, Terai, Tharu and Lohorung cuisines. The food we serve at Wee Gurkha Curry House incorporates the attributes of the cuisines of Himalayas along with the gastronomic food culture of Nepal. Food in Nepal is also about healthy living and thus, the usage of fat is minimal. The food is more about more vegetables, pickled dishes, salads and lean meats. The spices that are used in Nepalese cuisine is pretty similar to its Indian counterpart which gives a very subtle flavour. The flavour is further replenished by the natural herbs.

We are a new restaurant and are determined with a vision for ourselves. As the wheel of time rolls on, we are committed towards winning not only the taste buds of our esteemed clientele but also their praise and admiration. We are committed to the top notch quality of the food that we serve right from the Himalayan valley in an extremely affordable price.

We will ensure that you get to taste Nepal and savour the delicious, subtle flavours once you have chosen from our menu. A menu lovingly created to bring you the best of Nepalese cuisine.

Feel free to contact us and know more about us!!

It’s with love, from Nepal!